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Eligibility & Exam Process – ROH®

Registration with the CRBOH is through examination. Exams are administered semi-annually.

Please be advised that the 2024 ROH® examination dates are:

March 30, 2024 (application deadline is February 1, 2024)

October 5, 2024 (application deadline is August 1, 2024)

The applications for the ROH® examination processes must be received by the CRBOH before the deadline to be considered for eligibility to challenge the exam in that same year.

Applications for the examination will not be reviewed until all the information has been received by the Registrar: An application is considered complete when the following has been forwarded to CRBOH:

  1. Completed and signed candidate application form
  2. Copies of education transcripts
  3. Payment of application fee ($350)
  4. Professional references sent from all required references.

Note that upon review of application, additional information may be requested by CRBOH in support of the application. 

Eligibility for a CRBOH examination is only determined through the CRBOH application process only.  CRBOH does not review information provided by potential candidates prior to submission of an application.5


All holders of certification endorsed by the National Accreditation Recognition (NAR) Committee of the International Occupational Hygiene Association (IOHA) will be eligible to challenge the ROH® oral examination interview process only.  Please refer to the NAR Examination Process.

Fast Track

Students graduating from the following institutions are currently eligible:

  • University of British Columbia – School of Environmental Health
  • University of Toronto – Dalla Lana School of Public Health
  • University of McGill – Department of Occupational Health
  • Université de Montréal – Department of Environmental & Occupational Health


Please refer to to Fast Track Examination Process.

ROH Examination Details

The examination is divided into two parts:

Written Examination (one day): The written part consists of a half day of multiple choice questions and a half day of essay style questions. Equal weight is given to the two parts of the examination. The multiple choice part of the examination consists of 130 questions, all of equal value. There is only one correct answer for each question. Marks are given only for correct answers. In the essay part of the examination, candidates are presented with five questions of equal value. All five questions must be answered. Point form answers are not acceptable.

Oral Examination: Candidates must first successfully complete the written exam before being invited for the oral exam, the second part of the examination. For this oral part, a committee made of three examiners will question the candidate for about an hour.The oral exam is an opportunity to evaluate several aspects about the candidate. It allows the candidates to demonstrate the range of his/her technical knowledge, his/her logical ability to resolve problems using scientific knowledge, to assess his/her professional judgement, ethics and ability to communicate.