How soon can I get the results from the written examination?

Results for the written examinations are relayed back to the candidates typically 2 months after the exam date.  The exams are marked by a group of volunteers and each examination is reviewed by a panel of two examiners and the marks are then reviewed independently by the Chair of the Examination Committee.  The number of candidates writing the examination, will affect the length of the process.

I have a CRSP can I write the CRBOH Exam?

In some cases, yes! As per the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed with the BCRSP on June 14, 2024, CRSP’s or CRST’s in good standing who meet the recertification requirements for their existing designations and (in some cases) possess the required educational background, are eligible to sit the ROHT or ROH exam(s). See the MOU for full details.  

Once I have been accepted for a written examination, can I defer writing my exam?

Yes, if you are accepted and an eligible candidate for the written examination you can defer writing the examination.    You will have to provide written confirmation to the Registrar no later than one week prior the date of the examination.  You will be able to sit the next written examination without filing another examination fee, with notification of your intent to the Registrar before the February 1st deadline (spring exam) or the August 1st deadline (fall exam).

Your initial application is valid for up to 3 years.  After 3 years, a candidate will be required to resubmit the entire application and examination for consideration again.

What happens if I submit my application for a written examination after the deadline?

If the application is complete, then it will be reviewed and considered for the next examination date.

What is the deadline to submit my application for a written exam?

The deadline for both the ROHT and ROH written examinations is February 1 for the spring exam, and August 1 for the fall exam.  However, it is highly recommended to submit your application earlier, in the event CRBOH requests additional information for clarification and requires further review of an application.

Can I pay my examination fee after my application has been accepted?

No, the examination fee is required to be submitted with the entire application.  A candidate’s application will not be reviewed until the examination fee has been paid, the completed application submitted and the professional references have been received by the Registrar.

Can CRBOH review my application before I submit?

CRBOH reviews the entire application as a whole, including a candidate’s work history and professional references.  We do not review applications prior to official submission.

How soon can I get the results from the ROH or ROH -NAR Oral examination?

Results for the oral examinations are relayed back to the candidates typically within 2 weeks of the examination date.

Can I pay my membership dues before Jan 1?

Yes, you are able to pay online before the start of the new year.

What educational requirements do I need to write the ROH Exam?

To write the ROH you would require a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in an applicable science. An example of an acceptable science is occupational hygiene, chemistry, physics, kinesiology, engineering etc. However, we do look at each degree and do evaluate each candidate’s educational requirements and review course content, institution offering the degree. As an example, degrees in business, geography, forestry or a law would not qualify unless the candidate had another suitable degree.

It is important to point out that the educational requirement is only one component of a potential candidate assessment. The number of years of work in occupational hygiene is also evaluated. In addition, the professional references provided with the application are required to attest to the professional experience in occupational hygiene acquired by the candidate.

What educational requirements do I need to write the ROHT Exam?

Eligibility for the ROHT examination is based on having one of the following combinations of academic qualifications and professional experience:

1.  Five years of experience in occupational hygiene or related experience subsequent to receipt of a high school diploma:

a)  Completion of a community college occupational hygiene technology program may be accepted as equivalent to up to 2 years of experience.

b)  Completion of community college program in a related science or engineering field may be accepted as equivalent to up to 1 year of experience.

c)  Complete of an equivalent of 2 years of a university undergraduate program of related sciences or engineering courses may be accepted as equivalent to up to 1 year or experience.

2.  More than 50% of each year for which credit is claimed will be spent in occupational hygiene or closely related a activities.  Two references from ROH’s or ROHT’s or other similarly accredited persons must be provided.